Tips on finding logo designers on Fiverr: The Complete List

Find Logo Designers Fiverr Tips Complete List

You probably know that there are millions of logo designers here on Fiverr. Or even more 
unfortunately, you have been scammed by amateur designers. 

But how could you find the best ones? How could you avoid being scammed by fake 
designers using clip arts and copyrighted images?

Well today you've come to the right place as I’ve put together a complete list. 

Some are proved.
Some are controversial.
Others are suggestions collected from ranting buyers.

But the best tips are all here. Of course there may not be a single designer who can fit 
ALL these requirements, but such tips will act as a guide. And here comes the amazing tips.

1. Avoid New Sellers

Unless there is a really good reason, you should seek Level 1, Level 2, or Top Rated Sellers. People are suggesting this because new sellers lack experience, and some of them are finding quick cash by providing low 
quality services. Levels symbolize the experience and quality of the sellers. Seek new 
sellers only when you have a specific need, and they agree to provide a draft before you pay, or state clearly in the description a money-back guarantee is provided. That may sound cruel to new sellers, but they need to 
find ways to promote and attract buyers through guarantee in this competitive niche. 

Fiverr Level Badges

2. Be Careful of fake gig image

When you go through the search results in the Fiverr search engine, there will be a main 
gig image representing the gig. Pay more attention to the gig if it's using a photo collage 
with so many uniquely and beautifully designed logos. They may be extracted from logo
 inspiration sites like LogoPond, LogoMoose, ... Just don't order instantly seeing the 
main gig image, as the seller may use it as a deception. You need to consider other aspects 
which will be discussed in detail in this list of tips. If possible, you could do a reverse 
image search on Google Image or TinEye to confirm your suspicions.
                                                                  Samples of main gig images stolen from LogoPond




3. Observe Live Portfolio

Live portfolio is a special and useful feature on Fiverr platform. In the gig page, you can 
scroll through the real work samples designed by the sellers in the live portfolio.
Don't choose sellers who turn off their live portfolio, unless there is a link to their 
Flickr portfolio in the gig description. They know their logos are all poorly designed, 
and don't even have the confidence to showcase them. The sign that live portfolio is 
turned off is that there are only one to three images in the portfolio, which are uploaded 
by the sellers. And for the Flickr portfolio, it's up to you to judge whether the logos 
showcased are legit or not. 


 4. Ignore the first three samples in live portfolio

Remember, skip the first three samples or four samples (if a video is included). 
Sellers can upload at most three gig images themselves, so they may not represent 
the true work done by the designers. Fake images stolen from other logo inspiration 
sites may be used to attract your attention and deceive you into ordering their services.

5. Sort designers by "High Rating"

Rating is a very, if not the most, important prerequisite of choosing a logo designer on 
Fiverr. Sellers all strive their best to maintain a high and positive rating. A high rating 
often (but NOT always) means a trustworthy, high quality, friendly seller, especially in
logo design niche. Be careful, if you're not looking for logo design gigs, but rather SEO, 
social marketing gigs, ratings are not always accurate enough to determine the quality of
a service. You can click the "High Rating" filter in the Fiverr search engine to sort designers by their ratings. You should always find sellers with 4.5 to 5 star rating, to ensure you receive a quality service.

Fiverr rating


6. Check Buyers' Reviews

Buyers' reviews at the bottom of a gig page can act as rather solid (but NOT always 
reliable, as there may be fake positive or intentional negative reviews by competitors) 
evidence of the sellers' service quality. Check the number of positive reviews, the 
overall star rating (e.g. Good ratings are like 5.0, 4.9, 4.8, 4.7, 4.6, 4.5...), and how
buyers write the review for the seller. Also, check the negative reviews. How does
the seller respond? Is the review trustworthy? Are there so many people leaving 
negative reviews despite its seemingly high rating? All these act as hints to the 
seller's gig quality.
fiverr Review
Sample of a 5-star review

7. Choose sellers providing draft before ordering

Another way of finding good logo design gigs, although quite rare and difficult, 
is to select sellers who provide drafting before you order. Why do I say it's difficult?
It's because there are so few sellers who will design logo concepts before you pay.
It's normal, absolutely normal. If I provide such offer, I may receive nothing at all
if you don't like the draft. I waste time and efforts, but I get no money. That isn't fair. 
he sellers who do this (including me) are usually ones who are enjoying their 
hobbies, rather than aiming to earn the most money. They love satisfying customers
and expressing their design talents. You'll lose nothing if you don't like the draft, 
but if you like it, I'm sure you'll LOVE it as it's work coming from a creative mind.See before you buy

8. Unlimited Revisions? Think Twice.

At first glance, you may be attracted by the "Unlimited revisions" claim by some 
sellers. However, you should think twicebefore you order such logo design services.
Would you really need UNLIMITED revisions in daily life? When you write an 
article, will you need to proofread it many many times, if not unlimitedly? If yes, 
I'm quite sure you've written a poor article. When you are sweeping the floor, will
you sweep it from day to light? If yes, I don't really know how you do that. A high
quality product doesn't require unlimited revisions, but rather A FEW. Instead of 
abusing the sellers with this impractical, unrealistic "unlimited revisions" claim, 
requiring him to revise poor logos one after one and ultimately getting a still poorly
designed logo, why not choose a seller who design high quality logos with only a 
few revisions? I'm sure you don't want to bother requesting refund, contacting support. 
You may lose your money if the seller rejects your request and the support favors
the seller in your complaint.
Too good to be true


9. Money-back Guarantee? Read Twice.

I understand you don't want to waste money on poor logos, so you'd find a seller
with money-back guarantee. Yet, some of the best logo designers on Fiverr don't
provide such guarantee. Professional logo designers have faith and confidence in 
themselves, and they think their efforts should be paid. They'll provide limited 
revisions instead of stating a money-back guarantee. Still, if you'd like to enjoy 
service with money-back guarantee, you need to pay attention to the wording 
sused by the sellers. In what cases will they refund? Is it "money-back guarantee 
with no questions asked" or anything else? You may need to take a screenshot 
of the description, so it can act as evidence when you need to contact support 
for refund if the seller rejects your refund request. Contact the seller beforehand
if it only states "money-back guarantee" without any explanations. Bear in mind, 
you'll only get shopping credits to buy another service if you receive a refund, 
but not real money.
                                    money back guarantee?

10. Contact sellers beforehand

Why should a "Contact Me" button exist if you don't ever use it? To find your 
best logo designer on Fiverr, you should always message the seller beforehand. 
By contacting beforehand, I don't mean that you're scamming the seller with 
loads of meaningless words. Be precise. Give the seller information he needs 
(maybe stated in the gig description), like style,textcoloursymboltheme... 
Confirm the price and extras listed in the gig with the buyer, like "Is the expected 
price $15 if I need a lettering logo designed with vector source files?". Ask about
the turnaround as some sellers can deliver faster than the time "stated" in the gig
Also ask about information like copyright, file types, revisions if they are NO
T stated in the description. Read the gig description carefully before contacting
the seller. You could observe the communication andattitude of the seller during
your conversion.
                                                     Contact me

Suggested Gigs:

I'll update this list irregularly if I've come up with or collected some new tips.
I hope you could benefit from these tips.
Feel free to share this tips list with your friends who're using Fiverr to find good logos.
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